Five on Friday

{1} It is COLD! The forecasters actually said there is a chance of flurries this morning. I am not ready for this yet! Being cheap, we still haven't turned on the heat --- this morning, it was 65 in the house. Back in September we just said we would wait until Nov. 12 --- so one more week until heat!

{2} So those cute boots I was eagerly anticipating last week ... well, they came in. Just beautiful.... 

You can imagine my excitement to wear them to work for the first time yesterday --- until I discovered that one of the heels was coming undone --- after less than an hour of wearing them. Not.Happy. I plan to take them back tonight and get a new pair ordered. I will not pay $80 for a pair of shoes that break the first day I wear them. 

{3} I am so ready for the weekend. The house looks like a disaster and really needs to be cleaned. Ugh. We are also going to a princess-themed birthday party tomorrow :)

{4} Lowe's is running online Black Friday deals. I wanted so bad to get the KitchenAid mixer at 90 percent off --- but I just knew that my slow Internet would make it nearly impossible to be one of the first 100 to snatch up the code. Stupid rural connections!

{5} I went back to the gym for the first time in at least six weeks yesterday. And I ran one mile nonstop! It felt great --- although I'm sore today. Hopefully I'll get back up to two miles soon!

Happy weekend :)

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