miscellany monday

I'm linking up to Carissa for this miscellany monday :)

{1} I am off work today, but I have a super-long to-do list --- cleaning out my spare bedroom "junk" closet to round up all the Christmas presents I've bought and stashed through the year and, more importantly, the gift for a birthday party this weekend. Plus, I woke up feeling like I'm about to get sick, so I really just want to lie around and have the yummy chicken noodle soup I made yesterday and watching soap operas and bad TV.

{2} I also need to search for the perfect pair of boots. Yes, I found them two weeks ago, but once I realized they were broken and went to exchange them, I found out they are out of my size. GRRR!!! I seriously need to have surgery so I no longer wear a size 11 :)
But these are my favorite boots, so far — I'm just not sure about how dark and slouchy they are ...

{3} The "big" gift I'm asking for this Christmas is a good pair of sunglasses. I've never had one, but LOVE polarized lenses and think I'm old enough to take care of a pair now. We narrowed it down to two (a pair of Ralph Lauren and Ray Ban) so I can't wait to see what's under the Christmas tree!

{4} I've been complaining about our messy garage for a very long time ---- neither of us have been parking there for a few months and I think that's just so ghetto! Well, J tackled that yesterday and now my car is in there. Unfortunately he can't park in the garage, however, because it's already a tight fit, but our lawnmower is huge and we can't fit two vehicle and it. We do plan to put up an outdoor shed in the next month or so, though. 

{5} I've been thinking a lot about Christmas cards lately. I really want a personalized one this year and am keeping my fingers crossed that J will approve :)

Happy Monday, y'all :)

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