12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 8

Today we're talking about our LEAST FAVORITE thing about the holidays.

Well, fresh off of Thanksgiving, I know exactly what it is --- the stress of being overbooked!

Pretty much all day Thursday, J and I snapped at each other, totally due to having a super-busy day. In addition to having three gatherings, we took food to two of them, and were just on-the-go all day. Plus the sink was FULL of dishes, which obv didn't improve my mood.

I'm really not sure how to overcome this --- it's impossible to turn down one gathering! I guess the only solution is to do as much work ahead of time and just chill ...

Christmas will be much better though. Although I work half a day Christmas Eve, we have one gathering that night and no plans for Christmas Day. His family's celebration is on Sunday (the day after Christmas), and we'll also do something with my immediate family when my brother, sister-in-law and niece are in :)

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