12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge: Days 5-7

So, I kinda failed at this challenge over the weekend. Whoops. I was sleeping and wading through the piles of laundry.

Today is catch-up day!

Day 5. Favorite Holiday Movie.

Hands down, it is this:

Absolutely hilarious. Although I could quote most of it by now, I still crack up every time I watch this movie. 

Day 6: Gift ideas ... for me!

{1} A pair of polarized sunglasses!

{2} The Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro

{3} This watch, in pink 

{4} A deep fryer and cooling racks

I know I've mentioned a couple other things to J in passing, but that's all I can remember right now. I'm horrible at keeping up with my wish lists!

Day 7: Holiday Craft/DIY

I think I'm one of those people with fabulous craft ideas, but I'm not so great at the execution. I do have a couple things planned for this year, however. 

{1} A handmade hairbow holder. 
— Buy the initial letter at Hobby Lobby or some other craft store. 
— Add ribbon
— Attach backer
— Buy cute hairbow and attach!

{2} Handmade photo frames
— Buy unfinished frames at HL, etc.
— Spray with a varnish or desired paint. 
— Insert a memorable photo
— Gift!

I also give a lot of food gifts this time of year. I'm in the midst of making a lot of goodies for a holiday bazaar this weekend, and hope to share them soon!

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