Weekend wrap-up

It was another really busy weekend! I seriously did not want to come to work today. Here's the wrap-up:

Jim got home kinda late. We had plans to attend a Haunted Hayride with a couple of friends but couldn't go until 9, so we just hung out around the house then met up. I know some of the guys who were out there, so after we finished the ride, we met them for some food and drinks. I had to work Saturday, so I said just one beer (since we'd already consumed some whiskey). Which turned into one beer an a shot. Then, we went out to get a Halloween costume for me since the local store had a 50 percent off sale :)

I had to work :( Not only was I experiencing a pounding head, it was super cold and I had to wait 10 minutes for my car to warm up. After work, I went home and napped, then did some cleaning before getting dressed to go to J's brother and sister-in-laws. The guys were baling hay and there was also a little Halloween get-together at their house. I helped get a few things together then drove truck while the guys picked up hay. We then had some yummies and sat around the bonfire for a bit. We missed the hayride so we could go home and get ready to go out with some friends that night. It was a blast! Here we be:

Jimmy refused to dress up. He joked he was the "one in every crowd." Like in the Montgomery Gentry song. 

I had a lot of fun with that whip too. My entire costume cost about $25. I plan to go to Wally World later today and hit some sales. Last year I waited a bit later and ended up getting items 75 percent off :)

Slept until noon. It was a rough night. Then, we made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and J went to help his brother with the hay while I stayed home and did more cleaning. It was a pretty productive day, I think. 
I posted a preview of this yesterday --- while getting our stuff out of the truck, I decided to put my devil ears on Hank. He loved it. I may have gotten an idea for our Christmas card after that. 

And that's it! We both have busy weeks this week, and I'm just hoping for a chance to breathe -- and maybe a little relaxation next weekend. 

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