Bumpdate - 31 weeks

Holy cow. It's crazy how quickly time is flying by!

Baby Tuff has been growing a lot these past couple of weeks. During Week 29, he/she weighed about 2.5 lbs. and was around 15 inches from head to toe, with muscles and lungs continuing to mature, and the head growing to make room for the developing brain.

Over the past week, he/she grew to about 15.7 inches and weighed in around 3 lbs. Eyesight continued to develop as well.

At the doctor last week, I was measuring a bit larger than normal. All along, I've been measuring right on schedule with one centimeter per week - for example, a 20-week pregnant woman's uterus should measure at 20 centimeters. Well last week I was 30 weeks 3 days and measuring 31.5 centimeters. I knew I had really popped out in the last couple of weeks! According to the scale at home, I hadn't gained much, if any in those two weeks though ... and I forgot to weigh myself this morning. I'm using the scale at home as my guide, because I wear the same thing and do it at the same time, which I think makes a big difference.

Movement has definitely changed! Instead of feeling kicks and punches, I just feel squirming now - I'm guessing baby is already running out of room? The doctor pointed out where all the body parts are right now, so it's funny to know that he/she is stretching out the feet or shaking a booty just like mama. Ha! It is SO FUN to feel all the movements these days, even though I sometimes have to get onto Tuff for not being gentle or ask the baby to get out of my ribs.

My pregnancy app indicates that baby is in for a growth spurt. Umm, where is it going? Because let me tell you, Tuff loves to stretch out!

The nursery is *almost* cleaned out, and I plan to make my husband help me finish it tonight, since most of what's left is his or too heavy for me. I also shouldn't lift above my head, so he has to wipe down all the walls. Tomorrow, I think we will buy the paint so he can get started on that Thursday night and hopefully finish by Saturday or Sunday. We have so many boxes sitting around the house just waiting to be opened and assembled (I'm super excited about the glider that was delivered yesterday. And the dresser is in, just waiting for us to come pick it up. I'd love to have a lot of the things put together and in place by mid-next week, but that will also depend on when the carpet cleaning is scheduled.

Here's the best picture I got last week (out of focus, but hey, work was crazy!). I was 30 weeks, 2 days:

And the text message that followed :)

What the "dead corner" of our living room looks like after Sunday's shower (can I please have a baby to put in that carrier SOON ... just not before 37 weeks and the nursery is done) 

Here I am last night, at 30 weeks, six days. Big bump! But still no water retention, thank goodness.

And just for fun, here is a picture of my new license plates that I got yesterday. This was totally random, the girl just pulling the next plates off the stack ... but I totally had to laugh at it :)

That's it for this week! I have about 63 more days to go, give or take, and items are slowly but surely being marked off the to do list :)


  1. such a sweet text convo!

  2. You look SO good, Michelle! Really, I mean it! You look great! That carrier is adorable!!


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