You Challenge - Week 4 :)

Is the weekend seriously almost over? Crazy!!! I'll be back with a weekend recap tomorrow - ours was certainly busy!

Seven wants ...

{1} More down time. I feel like we're always on the run.

{2} A healthy, happy (and easy!) baby. Ditto for any future children.

{3} To have enough money to not worry. (Probably impossible!) 

{4} For Hank Dog to live forever.

{5} Losing weight to be as easy as gaining it!

{6} My house to someday be totally complete and pulled together.

{7} To live a long, happy life full of love.

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  1. I love your list. I wish for all those things too, haha. I would love for Milo to live forever and for children to be happy, healthy and easy. :) I couldn't of said this list better myself! Happy Monday!


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