You Challenge - Week Three :)

Oh gosh, I seriously should not be talking about my fears right now. Because I have a lot of them and they are kinda out there, haha. Let's just say with a baby on board (although he/she is protected from the outside world so much better than me) I have the smallest fears, like getting shot when I'm driving by a suspicious car just parked on the side of the road, my car blowing up and more.

But anyhow, let's get on to the serious, non-hormone induced fears:

{1} Losing the millions of photos I have. I've always been afraid of this, but when my camera got stolen on the way back from our honeymoon, including thousands of pictures and more than 300 of us from that weekend, it's gotten even worse. I totally wish I could have that memory card back. So when baby comes, I plan to burn CDs of photos weekly and save them in a binder that I keep by the bed, just in case.

{2} Failure. I know, this is a typical one. But seriously, I am such a perfectionist at some things, and my work is definitely one of them. We had low turnout at some of the events I planned this week and I took it kinda hard. But then the consultant I was working with assured me there was nothing I could have done differently and told me what that indicates and how I can correct it.

{3} My foot getting bigger. Y'all, I have worn a size 11 since fifth grade. I refuse to get to a 12, which is why I get pretty scared every time my legs/feet start to swell. My mom went from a 10 to 11 after her third kid - so that's why I say I'm drawing the line at two munchkins.

{4} Spending money and then needing it. I HATE having payments. Ideally, I'd like for us to be in a place in the next five years where all we owe on is our house. We'd still make a car payment "to ourselves" every month and be able to buy for things in cash. I guess I just am afraid of using up savings for something and then having an emergency and having to borrow the money.

{5} Dying young. I wanna be that old woman, warm in her bed, surrounded by at least four generations of family. And I can only think of one couple that J and I would allow to raise our kids. Please, let me live until they are at least 18.

{6} Spiders. They freak me out. I start screaming and yelling like a little girl.

{7} My hubby getting hurt at work. He's on the road so much - and I'm terrified when it's icy or other conditions that lead to slippery roads.

{8} Spoiling my kid too much. Yes, I want to give him/her everything in the world. But I also want them to know the value of a dollar and that they have to work for things, and know the difference between needs and wants. Unfortunately I give in way too easily (puppy dog eyes totally work on me and hubby knows it) so enforcing the discipline will probably be up to him.


  1. Fears suck but they never go away. But as for number 1, I have an idea that could help you. We started burning our photo's on CD's too. #1, so they weren't only on the computer because computers break all the time, but having printed ones could always be destroyed in a fire too. So we put the CD's in a fireproof safe (you can get small ones at Walmart for 30-50 dollars I think). If you have a safety deposit box, you could also keep them there. Just keep them away from fire/water/breaking damage so I'd recommend that small safe like we have. Here is a small one for 16.00!

  2. A lot of those fears are very real for me too. I'm crazy about photos especially after I had a computer crash and loose most of them. I back up to a flash drive once a month and drop it in my safe deposit box at the bank. I keep all my super important documents their and most valuable things I don't need every day. This way anything can take out my home, but I know all that will be away and safe. Look into getting one, a small one is only like $33 a year.


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