• It has been one crazy week. I've been coordinating some big group meetings and such this week and it actually began with some small preps on Sunday. By the end of the day yesterday, I was at 30 hours for the week. EEEK!!!
  • I know I missed my bumpdate for the week, and to be honest, I was so busy we didn't get a picture - other than one on my iPhone this morning. But I'll be back next week with weeks 30 and 31 :)
  • I'm getting huge. At least I think so. But don't think I've put on any weight in the last two weeks. Running ragged will do that to you, I suppose. I've been so busy I haven't wanted to snack!
  • Hubby cuts and bales hay. Well, last week he bought the last piece of equipment he needs, a rake. It's used, so he's been working on getting it in good working condition. So, last night was the first night we'd been able to spend together since last Thursday. It was great to just curl up on the couch and to be together, watch TV, and the ripples in my belly.
  • The photographer I had lined up to do my maternity photos got injured and had to cancel. So now I need a new one ASAP. I really want these pictures on a CD or something because I don't want a ton of prints, just want to have them to remember. So that's a big problem, as most won't do that.
  • My parents gifted me with my car and I'm having to deal with changing over the title, etc. It's a lot of fun, let me tell you.
  • I'm taking some junk treasures to a garage sale this weekend and I just want to get rid of it! Seriously, I am really looking at what we have and whether we need to keep it while cleaning the house to prepare for Tuff. There is no reason why we should have our two spare bedrooms full of crap, as well as a basement storage room. So I've got a lot of household items that we haven't used since moving almost 2 years ago and furniture that was in the nursery we no longer need, and I'm pricing it super cheap in hopes it will all find a great home.
  • The dresser is in and the glider is on its way. So we need to finish cleaning out the room and have J paint before we set it all up! I know we still need to buy a bookshelf and then we're going to sit back and relax until after my shower to see what else we need.
  • My family shower is Oct. 1 :) I can't believe that's just over two weeks away! And then my friends are throwing a surprise on for me at some point.
  • Last night I washed dishes for the first time since Sunday. I'm gross.
  • I also made hubby bring me an anti-fatigue mat to put by the sink until baby is here. Standing that long on ceramic tile makes my legs start to swell.
  • At least that's all that's swelling. I don't think my face is getting puffed up (knock on wood) and several others agree.
  • I'm extremely scatterbrained, and I'm not sure if it's pregnancy or all that's going on at work. But on Saturday, I decided I needed a day of pampering and set out to get a mani/pedi and spray tan. As I was backing out of the garage, I didn't notice how close I was to the section between the doors and clipped my mirror. Luckily hubby, who is a route salesman for a uniform/mat company, has an account with used auto parts and they had one that fit and gave it to him. So sweet!
  • This is the perfect weather to walk with Hank. But we live on a busy highway, so I'm afraid to go without hubby. So I'm hoping we get on a good walking after work schedule soon. Tuffy likes it :)


  1. First of all, when I saw you pop up in my Dashboard, I said YAY! I seriously have been wondering where ya were and if everything was OK! I thought about emailing you but thought I may seem like a nut. haha.

    I love decluttering/getting rid of stuff that needs to go. It's a good feeling!

    I hope you can find a new photographer soon. Did you post on FB? A lot of people know people who take great pictures/can do everything a photographer does but may not have a listed business per say.

    Kudos for no swelling in the face. I think that is one of my most dreaded parts too.

    Hope you can take time to relax in all the events you have going on. :)

  2. Decluttering is the best feeling ever!!! That is so exciting about both of your showers planned too, you will get tons of good stuff I'm sure. And yes, I have to agree you should definitely get on a walking schedule for Hank and for baby too!!!


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