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Linking up again this week :)

It's OK

... to wear white pants after Labor Day. Yup, I wore mine yesterday, just to make a point! I think as long as you aren't super-summery (like wearing a light-colored shirt as well) it's totally fine to wear them until you need a jacket. I typically pair mine with a dark shirt or cardigan.

... to consider de-friending people on Facebook because they post Big Brother spoilers

... to curse your Internet for an hour because it's so slow you can't make a simple online purchase. Downside of living out in the country - only one crappy choice for Internet, and it costs 40 bucks a month :(

... to, instead of saving money for your babe, decide to blow money this weekend on a spray tan and mani/pedi. I have some important meetings next week that I want to look good for!

... to spend an hour outside playing with your dog when you have a million or so house projects to do.

... to have the morning sun streaming into your kitchen and see just how bad you need to dust the cabinets. I have a fall break in about a month during which my mom is going to help me tackle some pre-baby projects, so I think I'll put that on our list :)

HAPPY THURSDAY! One day closer to the weekend :)


  1. I hate the no white rule too. There is nothing wrong with wearing white. I do have a skirt and a dress I don't wear after labor day because they look WAY to summery but other than that, I don't care. Hank trumps house work.:) Yay for your mom helping conquer some of your last minute projects/cleaning/to-do list. Having an extra set of hands to help you and hubby will be great! Happy Friday Eve! :)

  2. I hate the no white rule too! I've been debating on whether or not to wear my white shorts to the UGA game this weekend... I think I'm just going to go for it and be a rebel ;)


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