What I'm Loving

{1} I'm LOVING that it's already Wednesday. I need the weekend ... bad. I sorta wonder how I ever worked on Saturdays now that I haven't for more than two months :)

{2} I'm still LOVING on all my sweet friends and family for throwing such an amazing shower on Sunday. I'm patiently waiting for photos, but here's one hubby snapped on his phone :)

Speaking of Baby, don't forget to guess the gender! Poll is in the top of the left column, and recent pictures of me and the bump are here.
{3} I'm LOVING the beautiful flowers my sweet friends sent home from the shower. And the cake, although I'm afraid some of its yumminess will be wasted.

{4} I'm LOVING this weather - I think highs in the low 80s are perfect! Now if my allergies would only ease away ... although I'm afraid I'll be stopped up for at least another nine weeks.

{5} I'm LOVING that Baby R's room is *almost* cleaned out. Last night, I wanted to get the room itself cleared. Once we got the heavy stuff moved, J decided to swap over the closet (he currently uses it for his work uniforms). We didn't completely finish the room or the closet (Tuff was hungry!) but I think one more night would get it done.

{6} I'm LOVING all the fall premieres on TV right now. I was kinda disappointed by HIMYM and although I loved Ashton, not sure about 2.5 Men. Tonight, I'm really looking forward to Criminal Minds (it's my fave) and I also can't wait to see what unfolds on The Mentalist tomorrow. We watched Unforgettable last night and I couldn't get into it. What are your thoughts on all the new shows?

{7} I'm LOVING my sweet Hanky Poo, even though I am covered with scratches from where he's jumped on me. I think I should have him declawed ... but we did play with the bird last night and he had lots of fun!

{8} I'm LOVING my sweet husband ... and kinda bummed I don't seem to have many recent pictures of us. Oh wait, they're on my wedding CD that I still need to upload.


  1. i was disappointed with HIMYM...but i thought ashton did a great job on 2.5! i was surprised bc i didn't think i would like the show anymore!
    and say hi to HANK for me! he is so cute!


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