You Challenge - Week 1 :)

I've seen this challenge floating around on a few blogs but known that I would *never* be able to keep up with it for 10 consecutive days.

But then I saw where my friend Elizabeth made it a 10-week challenge, and I figured I can *totally* do that! I'm gonna try to do it every Sunday (love scheduling posts!) but we'll see. 

So ... 10 secrets:

  1. I was born with jet black hair and such a dark complexion that they had to look at the name on the bassinet to tell me apart from the Asian baby. And now I have a fair complexion and dirty blonde hair.
  2. There are some shows/movies that I watch every time I catch them on TV, even though I can recite them by now. For instance: Sex and the City, HIMYM, anything Julia Roberts ...
  3. I am one of the most wishy-washy people out there. But once I *know* something is right, I stick with it. 
  4. I remember the smallest details (like license plate numbers) but forget big things, like paying a bill on time. 
  5. I wear a size 11 shoe. And I'm terrified that my feet swelling with make my shoe size go up. I can't have that. 
  6. As excited as I am to be a momma, I'm a little scared of babies. They are SO TINY! Sometimes looking at/buying newborn clothes freaks me out, because they are so tiny.
  7. I love buying new things for the house, myself, etc., but would rather bank the money. Always afraid something will come up and we'll be in a bad spot.
  8. Sometimes I feel like the above causes me to miss out on enjoying life
  9. I'm scared that J and/or I will die early and never get to meet our grandkids. And although he's almost 11 and I know the day will come, I can't imagine anything ever happening to our Hank dog.
  10. I'm scared of the dark. If I'm outside in the dark, I have to have a flashlight and Hank dog or hubby 


  1. I rewatch the same shows over and over too!! I'm glad you are doing this each week!! :)

  2. #9- I totally get that one. I have a fear of my parents dying early and never meeting my kids (although I don't have now and none are on the way!) And animals getting older is the worst! I wish they lived as long as humans!

  3. CONGRATS again on being a mama :) I totally agree with #10 - I still sleep with a nightlight at home! And, I think everyone feels 9 at some point - totally normal!

  4. #1 is so shocking! haha. Isn't it funny how much babies can change though? #2 - I do the same thing! #6 - what freaks me out about babies is that I won't be able to get them to stop crying. I've babysat plenty and am pretty good with kids/babies but what if I can't get the baby to stop crying?? I don't like being out in the dark alone either.


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