Bumpdate - 32 weeks

I'm eight months pregnant people! Even though I did double check the number of weeks I am, haha. With eight weeks to go until my due date! Craziness, let me tell you. It seems like just yesterday I was thinking I'd never have a big preggo belly, and now I'm quite visibly pregnant and wondering how this babe will put on another four or so pounds while inside me.

Anyhow, during his/her 31st week, Tuff measured about 16 inches long and weighed just over 3 pounds. Baby is now able to turn his/her head from side to side and the arms, legs and body are beginning to plump out, as fat accumulates under the skin.

I can tell baby is running out of room, because I feel more pushes than kicks/punches at this point.

Mama is getting very tired. I feel like I need a nap every afternoon, much like I did in the beginning. He/she is also a pain in the ribs. Ha! Yesterday I had to leave the office early and finish working from home, as I was practically in tears.

In all, I'm up about 17 pounds from my starting weight. If I keep at about a pound a week, like they advise these final eight weeks, I'll be right at 25 pounds, which is ideal for a woman built like me.

I've learned that grocery shopping alone isn't smart. I spent entirely too much at Walmart yesterday. But then again, I ended up with lunches to have at work, string cheese, bananas and apple slices, so it could be worse. Right now, I feel like I'm on a kick for salads and down-home cookin', like potatoes and gravy, meatbells, chicken and dressing, dumplings, etc. Maybe I should talk hubby into going to Lamberts before the baby is born?

Tuff is just the best baby. This morning around 7:30, I realized I hadn't felt much, if any, movement, which is odd, because I usually feel him/her start moving around 7 a.m. I looked down and said "Tuffy, would you please move? You are worrying mommy." Less than a minute later, I felt him/her! It was quite amazing. Hopefully the baby will listen that well when he/she is out in the real world.

We head back to the doctor today. Going every two weeks sure speeds this thing along.

Here we are this morning. Gotta love office bathroom pictures, ha! I'm including the straight on shot because I think in this shirt, you can barely tell I'm preggo if you look from the front. The side is a much different story. I'm also wondering what happened to my butt, haha!

Have a great Tuesday! And don't forget to vote to guess the gender in the poll at the top left of my page!


  1. Only 17 pounds at 25 weeks is amazing! Way to go girl. You look fabulous too. And small! Lately, I've really wanted a lot of home-cooked kind of food too! And spaghetti w garlic bread. lol

  2. You look great! You are getting so close to holding your sweet baby! :)

  3. Love it! It seems like it HAS gone by fast but that is easy for me to say. LOL


  4. you look great! you are almost there! congrats and can't wait to find out the babys sex! going to vote!


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