So yesterday afternoon we had a housewarming party to attend.... or so I thought.

It turned out that my friends and family decided to surprise Baby R and I with a baby shower! And hubby was in on it! The stinkers.

The best surprise? My friend Bel drove all the way from Alexandria, Va (almost 14 hours one way!) for the shower. Unfortunately, she was in town since Thursday and having to sneak around and I only got to see her during the shower and maybe an hour afterwards because she had to get on the road at about 5 a.m. today.

I'm going to wait for the big recap until I get some pictures sent to me. But I'm sure my face was priceless when I saw Bel. I could also kill my husband for not making sure I washed my hair (it was third day, usually second day looks best) and letting me believe it was a garden party so I wore a summery hat, flattening my hair. Ha!

Also, a couple of people almost ruined the surprise, but these girls did so good (even my mom didn't let it slip) that it really was the best surprise ever. It actually left me speechless.

Seriously though, it was amazing. I can pretty much count on one hand the essentials we still need for baby and a few people who were unable to come have already told me that they are sending/bringing something by to welcome baby Tuff into the world. My bestest friends all got together to buy us the stroller/car seat, and one of their husbands even put it together for us, for which hubby was *very* appreciative.

One of the games was guessing whether Baby R is a boy or girl ... and girl actually won! My mom, bless her heart, voted for "a healthy baby" and other than that, I think girl won by two or three. Even Tuff's daddy guessed girl ... and his note to the baby had me in tears. I think I'll share it, too. 

Tomorrow, I'll post a poll on the blog so you all can guess the gender. Now I'm incredibly confused as to whether I have a stinky boy or sweet girl growing inside me ...


  1. awe how exciting!!! :)
    can't wait for the poll to get up!!
    glad you were surprised and had a great time

  2. A surprise shower is awesome! So glad you guys have just about everything you need! And it's great everyone managed to keep it a secret! My bridal shower was supposed to be a surprise but everyone was letting it slip so I had to "act" surprise which wasn't near as fun as a real surprise would have been! Can't wait for pictures and recap!

  3. That's so exciting! I'm so happy for that you that you have friends and family pulling together to honor you, your hubby and baby that way!


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