No 'fall'ing in love here

I know this is likely to put me on a few hate lists, but I don't care.

*I'm not happy fall is here.*

Sorry y'all. I mean yes, there is great fall fashion and the leaves will look quite beautiful in the coming weeks.

But it also marks the beginning of allergy season. At 2 a.m., I was up with the sandpaper-like throat already. I've had allergy problems brewing all week, but of course, today was the day that they went haywire.

Typically I could handle this, with a little help from Claritan D. But seeing as I am trying to stay away from meds if at all possible right now (and Claritan D isn't even an option) that doesn't work. And I'm already tired and achy enough, I don't need the lovely headaches and exhaustion that accompanies allergies, too.

Also, my limited wardrobe doesn't do much for fall. It seems to be all short sleeves or long sleeves, with no in between.

So I believe that I'll be spending this fall much like I did the summer - on the inside looking out. And hoping for late spring again. Because I don't like allergies. And I would take those 100-degree temps over allergies or slippery roads any day.


  1. Don't think I am crazy . . . but go to a farmer's stand and buy LOCAL honey. Take 1-2tsp a day either like cough syrup or put it on toast, cereal, etc. I PROMISE you that your allergies will clear up. Scott has been on prescription allergy meds for ever, Caleb on nebby, Gracie on inhaler and Kanin on Zyrtec. Ever since we have started doing this . . . NOTHING. It makes sense as the honey has to do with pollen, etc so it is kind of like taking a natural allergy medicine.

  2. I hate allergies as well and I am willing to try April's honey trick - I didn't know that!

    But with that being said, my allergies were bad before fall, I'm hoping fall means they are quicker to go away!? lol

  3. Hate list?? Never. I like ya too much. Even if you have poor seasonal judgement. haha totally kidding! I see your point and why you don't like it. If I had those troubles too I wouldn't like it either. The frozen winter is just too cold, even though I do like it some. I also hate driving in the snow. And summer? I hate extreme heat and humidity, otherwise it's not so bad.

    I sure hope you find some allergy relief. I read a list of OK meds to take and something about Claritan was on it? But maybe not Claritan D. But I like April's trick with the honey. If that works for you, that would be awesome.

    And I also own a lot of 3/4 sleeves. ha. I've always loved those.

  4. I started developing fall allergies over the past few years and it's awful! I feel you, girl!

  5. I'm sorry your not feeling well, I'm just not loving it becoming fall because it means busy season and cold weather. (I know, Alabama doesn't get THAT cold) but I HATE being cold! ugh! I hope you had a good weekend!


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