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It's OK

... to think your hubby is a wuss for needing meds to fight his sinus infection when you did it totally natural a week ago. And think of the irony, considering you used to take meds at the first sign of a head cold.

... to love summer but be ready for highs in the 80s, not near 100, in September!

... to lock your dog in the garage all day (minus bathroom breaks) until he eats! Hank has probably lost 10 lbs and we aren't sure why, but we think there must be a dog within a five mile radius in heat! GRRRR!

... to be pissed that Big Brother won't come on until 1 a.m. tonight due to football. And even though you're exhausted, try to think of a way to wake up and watch it.

... to feel like you're awesome at life one week, only to feel like you such at it the next.

... to have weird pregnancy fears. Like a feeling someone is going to roll down their window and shoot you while you drive by. No joke. But then ride around with officers during a warrant roundup while 7 months pregnant and feel perfectly at ease.

... to get hamburger meat out of the freezer in the morning and figure out what to make with it when you get home from work.

... to not leave your office all day, then comment to yourself when walking outside how bright and warm it's gotten since 8 a.m. Ha!

... to be completely exhausted and wonder how you'll survive when waking up to a crying baby.

... to want to lie and tell everyone you know that you're going camping for the Labor Day weekend, then just hide out at home and do absolutely nothing.



  1. Haha, your posts make me laugh. :) You should totally hide out all weekend. A long weekend to relax or do whatever you want to do around the house! Poor Hank! :( I hope he starts eating soon. Can you bribe him to eat anything at all?

  2. Men are such babies about being sick! ;)

  3. Saw this post and thought of you. It is so cute and so true!


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