miscellany monday

This week, y'all get my recap in a possibly more coherent format :) Sorry in advance it's so boring without photos, I just haven't been dragging my camera out lately, and our home Internet is slow while the computer at work is slow, so I need to figure something out ...

{Birthday party}
We went to a kid's fifth birthday party on Friday. I remember when this baby was born - actually, I remember when his SEVEN year old sister was born. How do they grow up so fast?

{Missouri sports rock}
Friday night, the "Wild Card" St. Louis Cardinals clinched the World Series title in Game 7. This was seriously the team that was never supposed to make it to the postseason, much less win the Series. And I stayed up to watch the entire game. Yes, I was proud of myself for not passing out on the couch.

Saturday, Mizzou (my alma matter) which isn't even ranked played No. 16 Texas A&M. And we won in overtime.

No offense to any readers from Texas, but I think that this weekend, we did mess with Texas. Sorry about that.

{making a list, checking it twice}
I am such a Type-A planner (and love to-do lists - mostly because I like marking things off :)) that I've been doing lots of list making lately. We not only crossed off some very important things on the to-do list over the weekend, we also did some shopping so I'll have cute, yet comfy and appropriate things for the hospital, bought Tuff's baby book and a few other things. It's all washed and I just need to finish gathering everything up and throw it in a bag so we're ready.

also, on Friday, I made a list of the things we still need to buy. granted I spent over $100 on a monitor last week, but i was shocked and overwhelmed to see that there isn't much left on the list, the biggest of which being a changing pad and cover, and i'm glad no one bought that because I'm sorta picky as it is. people really love babies :)

soon, i'm going to make a list of the blog topics i still want to address before maternity leave or to schedule for while i'm at home getting used to be a mommy. i know i want to do my birth plan and packing list (so i have them if there is another baby in our future!) as well as a nursery reveal - hopefully one before baby and an update later with all the fun gender appropriate things we do. anything else you'd like to know?

{menu planning}
i used to menu plan like, all the time. then i fell off the wagon but still did a good job of having something on the table every night and having variety. then i got pregnant and we were lucky if we had a frozen pizza in the oven. well, now i'm OK to cook again as long as they are semi easy meals, but i keep forgetting to get the meat out to thaw in the morning! so i decided to make a plan this week. let's see how it goes.

Sunday - Leftover ham and beans, fried potatoes, cornbread
Monday - Pork chops with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn (a fave meal!)
Tuesday - Out to eat (dr appt)
Wednesday - Lemon pepper chicken with oven-baked parsley potatoes, green beans
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Taco pizza
Saturday - Leftovers. We'll have a big lunch that day so won't need much.

I think that's it! I don't have any links to the above recipes - I'm kinda a make it on the fly or cookbook type of girl - but if you'd like them, let me know and I'll send.


  1. Even though I live in OK, you know I graduated from A&M and am OBSESSED with Texas. I'm going to act like I never read this post, OK? OK. Good. We can still be bloggy friends.

  2. So glad your girls shopping trip went great and you have what you need!

    Your dinner menu sounds delish and is making me hungry!

  3. heheeheh i was at a wedding on friday, but couldn't stay off of my phone while the cardinals were playing! i was so happy they won! and yes, missouri did mess with texas this weekend!


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