Christmas card! And new ornaments :)

LOVE our card and the little star this year :) This family picture will also be making its appearance in our hallway soon. 

I had wanted to bring someone in to take photos in our home and put together our own card this year, but time slipped away so we just decided to go into a local portrait studio. Although it's not as unique as I would have liked, I still think it turned out well. And it was a lot easier on me - definitely picking my battles at this season in my life.

 As for ornaments - while pulling them out this year, I had a hard time remembering where some of them came from last year. So I figured it would be fun to share some of the new ones, not only because they are so pretty, but also to help me remember :)

These are the new ones for the year: the red, white and blue eagle from my friend Bel who lives in the DC area, the reindeer family from my friend Christine, the Oreo cookie that Cooper bought for his daddy, a sparkly present from my co-worker Sara, a polka-dot one from Jessica, and two more personalized ones - one with stockings on the fireplace and another just for Cooper - from my friend Liz. 

A closer look at the personalized ones :)

And now for a picture of all of us girls, with the kids. From left: Bel, Ender, Christine, Cooper, myself, Liz, Payton and Jessica.

And finally, in true tacky mom style, we made the infamous salt dough ornaments. This is the tutorial I used. We ended up spray painting them with a metallic silver paint. In addition to these, that now grace our tree, we made handprint ones for each set of grandparents. 

Merry, merry!

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  1. I haven't had any time to get to comment but I've been reading! I'm so sorry, I'm such a bad blogger friend. :(

    I hope you guys had a great Christmas! It sure looks like it! Your Christmas card is adorable!

    We tried the salted dough ornaments but they didn't turn out great. I told C that we needed to try them again in a couple days. I'd like to try this recipe! The paint idea is great. Would sharpie work for writing on the back?

    Hope you're doing great! What I'd give to actually get back to a regular blogging schedule and staying in touch better. :(


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