favorite things :: 6-12 months

I can't say that we had a lot of must-haves over the past six months. Soon after Coop's six month birthday, we put away the swing. Once he began crawling at seven months, he was not at all interested in the exersaucer or anything that contained him, either.

Of course, it's been all about the food!

We absolutely could not have lived without our Ninja! As I've blogged, I made all of Cooper's baby food. This worked so well, and was super easy to clean.

To go along with this, of course we needed ice cube trays, and plenty of little bowls with lids to send to daycare. I liked the Nuk and munchkin brand ones from Walmart.

Around 9 months, we began working on the sippy cup. Honestly, we never found one we really liked - they all seemed to leak! Then again, Mister has been teething like a monster, so he has done a lot of chewing on them. We got some Munchkin ones, and his sitter bought a Playtex one. We had a Nuby, but he chewed it open ... now he has a 9+ month Nuby one, as well as the cheapy Take & Toss. So far, we prefer the Take & Toss - the spout is a hard plastic, so he can't break it with those teeth. The only bad thing is that the lid pops on instead of screwing on, so if he throws/drops it on our tile floor, it typically pops off as well.

Of course, we've done lots of the Gerber and Parent's Choice puffs. He loves them all. And parents- they are GOOD!

For snacks, these Munchkin snack catchers work well! Coop had snacks in it while we were at a craft fair last weekend and I had a ton of questions about where to get them. They are at Walmart too :)

When Coop was about 9 months old, we upgraded to his convertible carseat. This was definitely more of a mama thing - he could still fit in the carrier, but it was getting really tough for me to tote him around. I did a LOT of research, and we decided on the Graco MyRide 65. They were reasonably priced, and hold a kiddo backwards for quite some time, according to the height/weight restrictions.

In Missouri, it's required by law that kiddos be rear-facing until they are 1, but recommended until they are 2, so I wanted to find the safest seat possible without breaking the bank.

Once Coop began cruising, we wanted to get him a toy that would help him walk. We looked at Walmart and ended up with the Playskool Rocktivity Walk 'N Roll Rider. You can put the seat up for them to push, or down to ride on. Coop still enjoys pushing this, but is also learning to sit on it and move his feet. Oh, and it's also a great jungle gym for the little monkey man.

For his other toys, he mostly likes things that make noise or with wheels. One of our favorites is the Fisher Price Cookie Shapes.

 On another note, I would totally recommend any parents of babies/toddlers invest in an ottoman to replace their wooden coffee table. It's a lot safer once they begin cruising, and much better in terms of storage :)

Also, I had a horrible time finding socks to stay on Cooper's fat little feet. If anyone has the same problem, try out the Faded Glory ones at Walmart - they are basic and inexpensive, yet a great quality and stay on his little feet!

Around six months, I tried out the Target Up & Up diapers - and we like them just as much as the Pampers - at half the price! Plus with the Target debit card, I get free shipping and 5% off :)

And there you have it! Some of the things that have made life a lot better for us over these past six months!

And now looking ahead - what have been any of your favorites from 12-24 months? Anything I really need to get for my little booger's stocking?

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  1. Isn't it crazy how fast you go through all the swings, bouncers, playmats, etc?! Our favorite snack cup is the Munchie Mug, and our favoriate "sippy cup" is actually a CamelBak kids water bottle. Neither spill or leak...ever. I recently got band labels from InchBug to put on T's snack cup and water bottle, since they frequently go on the road with us or to school. I've been giving all of these items to friends who are celebrating one year birthdays for their little ones.

  2. We love the cheap sippy cups at Wal-Mart. I, like you, have gone through every name-brand sippy cup out there and once we tried those, we never went back. When they start to leak or the kids bit through them, we just throw away and get a new one since they are so cheap.


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