Lately ...

Whew, it's been a whirlwind!

  • I attended a craft fair over the weekend, and had lots of fun looking at the neat items. With that being said, I only purchased one handmade item - a sock cap for Cooper. My other buys were Pampered Chef and Scentsy.
  • I totally got in trouble for buying the Pampered Chef! When I told hubby I purchased a can opener (we've been needing a new one and I like my mom's Pampered Chef) he groaned. Turns out, he was planning to buy me one as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Luckily, he hadn't placed the order yet.
  • So as of now, no buying anything for myself until mid February :)
  • Speaking of Christmas, I finally finished the first tree - Cooper's :) It's red, blue and silver and has a penguin blanket as the skirt. So far, so good in terms of baby and the tree, but then again, he doesn't spend a lot of unsupervised time in his room, either.

  • The diet started back up yesterday. So sweets were tossed.
  • I'm also planning to do some working out and utilizing that treadmill ... now just to find the time!
  • It was in the 60s and 70s all weekend and amazing! Unfortunately we were on the run and didn't have a lot of time to just enjoy.
  • I'm about 80 percent done with my Christmas shopping!
  • Highlights from Coop's well check last week:
    • He is 21 lbs., 7 ounces - 30th percentile. Totally normal for a very active boy, she said.
    • 29 inches, which has him right in the 50th percentile
    • Right where he should be or a little ahead in terms of speech and movement.
  • We had our family/Christmas photos taken yesterday. LOVE. I can't wait to share :)
  • Hubby's work Christmas party was on Saturday, and among other things, I made spicy cayenne pretzels. They went over so well, so I thought I would share the recipe here:
    • You need: One bag pretzels, oil, cayenne pepper and 1 packet ranch dressing mix.
    • Pour the pretzels in a brown paper bag and coat with about 1/4 cup of oil. Add ranch dressing mix and about 1 T. cayenne pepper.
    • Shake about every 15 minutes for an hour.
    • Enjoy :) Of course if you like them more or less spicy, just adjust the amount of pepper.
  • Someone decided he was King of the House over the weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to snap a picture when he was standing on the boxes with the hairbrush in his hand like it was his sceptor.

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  1. That picture makes me laugh! Too cute!

    Love Coop's tree! And it sounds like you had a great weekend. I love Scentsy but hate the price. Walmart sells knock off stuff for so much cheaper but I really want some of the Scentsy scents and Walmart doesn't have the kinds I want.

    Gray is 19lbs 13ounces and over 28 inches tall! I hope he stays there for a while since he's only 7 months and really chasing Cooper's stats! lol

    Christmas shopping... I haven't started. :(


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