Having Snow Much Fun!

Where we live was under a blizzard warning last night. Since this is the first real snow since Mister was born, I decided I must take him out to play for a bit!

This was a real good snow for packing. However, there were lots of drifts and it wasn't good for sledding :( But we still went out and had some real fun!

Checking out the snow this morning. 

So cute and ready to go out and check out the fluffy white stuff!

He wasn't too sure about the snow, but I managed to get a few smiles. 

After making snow angels and throwing a few snowballs, we headed back inside and chilled. I think Cooper was worn out!

Unfortunately, hubby didn't get to play with us, as he had to work today. Big time boo, especially since he drives a box truck with NO four-wheel drive. We missed him so! 

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  1. Aw, how fun! I'm crossing my fingers we'll get something over here in Georgia, but I highly doubt it.


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