I've gotten some sweet goodies in the mail from a couple giveaways lately, so I wanted to share them.

A few weeks ago, I entered a Bath & Body Works giveawy sponsored by Rachel & I won! I was so excited, I love the BBW candles but rarely splurge for them.

I got the Fresh Sparkling Snow soap, a beautiful gold candle holder and the Merry Mistletoe candle. They all take up resident in our main bathroom and smell heavenly ... especially the soap!

Then last week, Rachel did another giveaway, this time for these beautiful glittery jars/candleholders. And I won again!

It looks perfect in my mostly black & gold office. I can't figure out if I want a battery-operated candle in it, or if I should use it for pens/pencils.

{Please excuse the carpet photo, my desk, where it resides, is a mess!}

Thanks, Rachel, for such great goodies. And if you don't already follow Rachel's blog, go check it out - she has a super cute son just a few weeks older than Coop, and does giveaways often!

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