Coop's rookie year! {birthday party}

It didn't take long for hubby and I to agree on a theme for Mister's first birthday party. I wanted a play on words and something easy. He vetoed Onederland, so we moved on to the Rookie Year baseball theme!

My super-talented friend Bel made the invites. Since she lives in DC and can't attend parties, she loves to do this and be a part of things. I took the picture, and told her to make it cute and like a baseball card. {Of course it didn't have those lovely white edit marks to blur out the personal information either :)}

For the cake, I just went with Sam's Club. None of our local stores did smash cakes, and with his birthday being the day after Thanksgiving, I was hesitant to ask someone local. We did a smash cake for him, and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for everyone else. They were very yummy and inexpensive!

The set up :) We are extremely fortunate to have a large, mostly finished basement, so we just brought in some tables and chairs and were ready to go. I didn't get a close up of the food table (along the wall) but we did hot dogs, nachos, veggies, chips, peanuts, tea & lemonade.

Of course, I suppose there aren't any "true" baseball colors, but since we live in Cardinal country, we stuck with red & blue, as seen on the tablecloths and balloons. We also had candy dishes on the tables.

For favors, we gave out Cracker Jacks :)

The gift table, before we filled it up! The one is actually a cardboard 3D thing I found at Hobby Lobby and the hubs spray painted. Cheap but exactly what I wanted. Cooper's gift from hubby and I was the wooden Louisville slugger, which we invited all of our guests to sign.

 We used this space to string up C's monthly pictures, and hang his most recent above. Everyone loved seeing how he's changed. And if I'm being honest - I do, too, and it's still hanging :) If you want to see them, go HERE.

Our high chair is strapped in our nice kitchen chairs and I was searching high and low for a wooden one I hubby could spray paint red. I never found one, but a family friend allowed us to borrew their chair.

The cute banners were made by an Etsy seller, found HERE.

Since this is getting long, I'm going to stop here with the end of the setup/decorations, and come back again {hopefully tomorrow} with some of the party pictures. But as a sneak peak ... yes, someone really loved his cake!

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  1. Super cute party. I love the Louisville Slugger bat, what a great momento. You did a great job!!


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