Ornament Swap!

 Back in November, I signed up for Megan and Julie's ornament swap. I love Christmas and definitely need more ornaments to fill my tree, so figured it would be a blast.

I was paired with the lovely Crystal and she hooked me up with not one, not two, but THREE ornaments. I told her my tree is just a mix & match but I like sparkly things, and she did not disappoint.

The middle one is quite large and gold. The one to the right is actually shaped like a gift. They all make great additions to our large tree!

My son also really, really loved the glitter. He walked around the rest of the night looking like he'd spent some hard time in a topless bar.

Thanks for such beautiful ornaments, and being a great partner, Crystal! I hope you enjoy your new ornaments as well.

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  1. Your ornaments are so cute! I participated too, swaps are definitely one of my favorite things in blog world!


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