The most wonderful time of the year!

I declared on Friday that I was working on Christmas decorations over the weekend - if it didn't get up, it wasn't going up! So in between cleaning & laundry, sleeping & eating, that is exactly what I did.

So now our house is mostly decorated for Christmas, inside & out. I moved a few things out of their "normal" spots this year and kept some of my more meaningful and breakable items stored away to keep my monkey away from them, but it's festive & merry and I'm in love.

How sweet are my boys?

Of course, between everything, I didn't have time to take many pictures ... but, I'll be back in the next week or two with a home tour :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. cute! we got a small tabletop tree this year. We don't trust the dog lol

  2. Fun! Our son will be 2 in January, so, this was the first year we were able to have fun with him while decorating the tree. Great memories. :)

    Stopping by from the link-up!


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