First haircut :)

Last week, we took baby boy to get his first hair cut! For a couple months now, I've been thinking Man, this kid has some old-man, shaggy hair but refused to cut it because I know there is some old wive's tale about waiting until the baby is 1, and if I'm anything, I'm superstitious!

Of course, I was that mom at the salon taking a bazillion or so pictures. We took him to Miss Shannon, who does my hair. Hubby and I argued over who's hair lady got to, and of course, I won :)

Back to the pictures ... I took a lot. And Shannon was singing and jumping around to keep Coop entertained. We made such a spectacle that, when we left, a man thanked us for the show - ha!

He looks even more handsome now, if that was even possible.

Before ... crazy long hair!

Snacks make everything better :)

Not so excited after the first cut

Buzz, buzz, buzz

And we're done! Handsome baby with a mohawk!

Of course we had to take a family picture.

The final consensus? I love it. Just like everyone said (and I thought), he seemed to grow up after that first haircut. He now looks older, yet chubbier ... and the hair looks a bit lighter.

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  1. Aww, so cute! Looking at the picture were he was upset about it at first broke my heart. I bet it is scary to a little guy to have something new going on like that. I keep telling everyone I don't know if I can wait! He's 7 months and has some hair over the tops of his ears! I hope I can hold out. I know people always wait but I've never heard why.


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