What I'm Loving

It's easy to think of lots that I am loving on this beautiful December day.

{1} Obviously, I'm loving that the weather is so mild. Love having temps in the 60s :)

{2} I'm loving the yummy chicken taco chili I made yesterday ... especially that I have lots of leftovers :)

{3} I'm loving that we are having a work Christmas party on Friday, and going to be snacking all day!

{4} I'm loving my OOTD - a navy maxi dress I found on clearance for $4, blue jean jacket and brown boots - total fall love.

{5} I'm loving the Christmas touches I've added around the office!


{6} I'm loving that we had a great Parents as Teachers home visit last night - Cooper has already hit all of the milestones up to 14 months, and a few for beyond that!

{7} I'm loving all the baby announcements lately! I <3 :=":" babies="babies" font="font">

{8} Of course, I'm loving my sweet baby. And his daddy.

What are you loving today? Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Is that recipe on pinterest?? I think that may be the only chili I will be able to get my husband to eat. I love chili! :)

    He is so precious. But you know that. :)

  2. Yes, tell us about that recipe, it sounds yoummy! I love the color combo of navy and brown also, very fallish :)


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