Friday randoms

  • Today is my last day of work for two weeks! I am so excited and ready for my two-week break. We also just got the call to leave at noon today!!!!!
  • In light of the upcoming holidays, we decided to make today "holiday dress" at work. Loving my Santa shirt...

  • The other night, a former co-worker came over to get some holiday pictures of Cooper. You'll see more next week but for now, a sneak peak... This boy melts my heart in a way I never thought possible!

  • I mean, seriously? Chilling in his doggie "mushroom" chair while talking on his play phone. So in love.

  • The breathing treatments from last week absolutely broke my heart. Poor babe.

  • I was a bit of a fail when it came to getting to the post office in time for Christmas stamps, so I opted for these fun Pixar movie-themed ones!

  • Christmas card coming next week! Along with our holiday decor.
  • It's been super windy here in Southeast Missouri. Yesterday morning, our dog pen was in the neighbor's pasture. Thankfully Coco Chanel is OK :)

  • I am on a mission to sugar everyone up before the holidays ... this morning, I brought in doughnuts :)
  • Now that Cooper just gets milk in a sippy in the mornings, hubby and I have started taking turns letting the other sleep in. So, last Sunday I woke up to yummy doughnuts.
  • Now that I know we get off early this afternoon, I am debating running to Cape to go shopping, napping, or crashing the daycare Christmas party ...
  • Happy weekend!

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