Baby R2: 15 weeks!

Caught up! Well, OK, I'm a few days behind (Tuesday is my change day again this pregnancy) but from here on out it should be pretty current.

How far along: Fifteen weeks.

How big is the baby: Baby R2 is the size of an apple. He/she now measures roughly 4 inches crown to rump and weighs in at approximately 2.5 ounces. Legs are growing longer than arms now, and he/she can move all those tiny joints and limbs. Eyelids are still fused shut, but he/she can sense light and would likely move away from the beam if I were to shine a flashlight at my tummy.

Weight gain/loss: Up 3 lbs. I've got to stop all the snacking/laziness!

Sleep: Getting better. I still have nights that I wake up and it takes forever to go back to sleep, but I've been getting some really solid nights as well, which is great.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I HAD to get bagels for my breakfasts the other day and they are really good. I did one of the Greek yogurt-type cream cheese spreads and it's absolutely delicious. Nothing else comes to mind. I've eaten out way too much in the past week and have to get that in check.

Gender: Still thinking girl. Already getting comments of "I hope you'll get your girl." Which annoys me, I would be just as thrilled (and complete) with another boy!

Movement: Still feeling the butterflies/crampy-type sensations.

Worries: That I'm going to be as big as a boat!

The belly: Looking more and more like a baby and less like a beer gut. LOL. I call this the "muffin top" stage of pregnancy - where I am too big for a lot of my regular clothes, but maternity clothes are too big. So I'm pulling out some of the clothes I got too small for and that's working well right now.


What I'm Loving: That it is beginning to look like more of a baby.

Symptoms: Exhaustion. Acne. Heartburn.

Milestones: Another baby doctor appointment. Everything looks good. The scale was WAY off, but I was wearing jeans and boots, so I'm not going to stress over it (It showed like a 6 lb. gain and I'm only up 3)

What's different this time: Just that I'm a lot bigger, I think

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas break! LOL I need some time to sit and relax.

Best moment of the week: Decorating the house for Christmas. Cooper loves it, which is both a blessing and a curse!

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  1. Totally understand the Christmas decor being a blessing and curse LOL
    Hope you get some R&R through the holidays. Being pregnant is hard work :


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