Sept. 25, 2014

written 9.25.14

Pregnant! It's weird, I'm still in shock, but so grateful and at peace.

It wasn't "supposed" to happen this month. I wanted it to but just didn't think it would due to timing and being a bit off, but it did!

In fact, I thought the chances were so small I indulged in a bit too much wine last Friday (whoops!) and have also been taking Nyquil and all sorts of other medicine for the nasty cold I've had over the last week. Praying my peanut (which is now the size of a poppy seed, by the way) is OK, but I'm not too concerned.

I woke up Tuesday, the day I was supposed to get my period, still feeling horrible and considering going to the doctor that day. But I just felt like maybe I should test. I totally expected a big fat negative like I got last month (when I was testing like crazy due to being five days late) so I was SHOCKED when I saw that faint line. A line is a line, right?

Same thing on Wednesday morning, so I decided to do the digital test today. I knew in my heart but hubby still didn't believe it I knew, so I told him that he could be the one to look at the test.

Pregnant! A June baby. Another smushy little blessing to love and care for.

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