Baby R2: Eight weeks

Written 10.22.14

How far along: Eight weeks.  

How big is the baby: A kidney bean, which I had in my taco salad last night :) Webbed fingers and toes are poking out from baby's hand and feet, eyelids practically cover the eyes, breathing tubes are extending from the throat and baby's "tail" is almost gone. In the brain, nerve cells are connecting with one another.

Weight gain/loss: 0 overall. Up 1 lb. since last week and I'm blaming camping. And the potluck at work yesterday :/

Sleep: Pretty decent, but I'm getting super tired again. Falling asleep on the couch a lot. Unfortunately still waking up in the middle of the night and tossing and turning most days - which I'm blaming on a stuffy house. Can't decide if I'm hot or cold!
Also, I pulled or popped something out of alignment in my neck/back while camping over the weekend and it still hasn't straightened out, which is a bit frustrating.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Milk. Hamburgers. Apples. Raw meat is pretty nasty right now so I'm pumped that hubs has been helping with cooking the meat for our meals lately.

Gender: We'll find out when he/she is born. 

Movement: Nada

Worries: Nothing really.

The belly: More of the same - not really showing but feeling very bloated. I'm starting to feel some stretching/tightening which I can only assume is the uterus growth.


What I'm Loving: Being pregnant.  

Symptoms: Nothing too bad. The sickness comes and goes but was only bad a few days and isn't even an inconvenience now. Boobs still a little tender but not near as bad. I'd say exhaustion is the worst right now.  

Milestones: N/A

What's different this time: Overall I think I feel a lot better. I've worked really hard to get in shape this year and am hoping that translates into an easier pregnancy. I am continuing with the workouts as well, but it's a lot harder to recover after a run than it was a month or so ago!

What I'm looking forward to: The ultrasound! My dr. is super popular only sees "newbies" one day a week, so I can't get in until Nov. 6 - I'll be just over 10 weeks then! We're planning to keep the pregnancy a secret until then and I'm really excited to share the news with family and close friends. We'll wait to "tell the world" until I'm 13 weeks/after Cooper's birthday. (I'll be 13 weeks two days after his birthday, so we are thinking of doing a Thanksgiving reveal.)

Best moment of the week: Taking my little man camping. There was a sweet couple next to us and the wife was knitting sock caps, so we let them in on our secret and she made matching hats for Coop and No. 2.
We also did family photos on Sunday and that was fun - other than maternity pictures when I will be large & in charge, they are the last professional photos of us as a family of three!

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