Baby R2: Seven Weeks!

Written 10.15.14

How far along: Seven weeks. This is where I was when I learned I was preggo with Coop. 

How big is the baby: A blueberry. Hands and feet are emerging from baby's developing arms and legs. My uterus has doubled in size in the past five weeks.

Weight gain/loss: -1. I'm still eating well and indulging quite a bit, but since morning/all day sickness has hit, I'm also eating smaller meals.

Sleep: OK. Waking up almost every night to pee though, and there's been a change in weather so I wake up feeling stuffy ... if I pull up the comforter I'm hot, but without it I'm cold.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: MILK. Gosh, I want to drink milk like none other. Especially if I have oreos to go with it :) And really, anything greasy or carbs. The other night my tummy was a bit unsettled so I had cereal while hubs did a hamburger and tots, and the tots seriously made my stomach turn.

Gender: We'll find out when he/she is born. 

Movement: Nada

Worries: This is a long one. I had to have blood work last week to check my levels and had to go to a different site due to insurance. Since it was more convenient, we went to the hospital in the town where we live (I will deliver about 30 minutes north of us) and it was an ordeal. They didn't understand the order so said they would call the next day. I was told I would get a call on Monday from the dr office to schedule my next appointment. Tuesday came around and no call so naturally I began to worry. I called and they had the information but said the nurse would have to call me back. Yep, worried more. Thankfully, all the numbers looked great! And next time, I'll just make arrangements to go to the lab in the town where I will deliver since I'm told it's a much easier process.

The belly: Still feeling bloated and like a pooch is beginning to emerge. This week's photos I took in the morning and it's not as bad so the rumors that it grows during the day are probably true!


What I'm Loving: Being pregnant.  

Symptoms: As I mentioned above, morning sickness has begun. My mom sent some banana bread home with me over the weekend and that really helps, so I think I'll begin making a batch every weekend or so to always have some around. It's something I can keep by the bed to eat immediately as well. I don't remember feeling this bad during my last pregnancy. The boob tenderness has begun as well.

Milestones: N/A

What's different this time: I'm a bit sicker I think.

What I'm looking forward to: Scheduling my ultrasound and first actual dr. visit!

Best moment of the week: This morning I walked into daycare and another mom was like hey! I had a dream about you last night. We were at a gathering and you were pregnant. Hopefully I covered well by joking "maybe soon" and about how they must have known I was preggo because I wasn't double fisting beers. LOL. Cooper calls her little boy his "best friend" so it will be really funny when we let the cat out of the bag.


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