Our 2014 Christmas Card

Now that I think they have all been received in the mail, I'm ready to show off our 2014 Christmas Card. {Yes, I am behind on everything this year. Expect more of an explanation in a "Life Lately" post coming soon.}

I used Treat and was again so impressed by the efficiency and quality of the cards. We had such a great family photo session earlier this year so I definitely wanted to show those off and our cards were perfect for that!

I considered including Baby R2 on the "With Love" line, but I get weird about things like that so just included the three of us.

Treat also has an option to include your return address, so I took advantage of that. In the future, I should probably just elect to input all the addresses and have Treat mail for me, but right now, I still prefer to at least hand-write the addresses when I can.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Pretty sure it may just go up in a frame on the gallery wall.

Special thanks to for providing a credit toward my purchase! However, I'm totally in love with these products and the ability to design a personal card from my jammies!

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  1. I like how those are actual cards, as well! Love them!


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