Baby R2 details :)

Yay! We are pregnant with Baby No. 2!!! I thought I would do a little background post with a lot of the questions I've gotten. I've actually been doing weekly updates since I found out, which I'll be posting over the next week - I have no idea if anyone cares to read them, but I like to have them for myself.

When did you find out? Sept. 24. I really didn't think I was preggo due to the timing of things and we had both been sick, so after a let down the prior month I wasn't even planning to test. But I was this.close to calling the doctor to get in for my little cocktail of shots to help the allergies subside and figured since there was a teensy tiny chance, I may as well take a test. I was shocked when there was a faint line, and it took 3 tests, over 3 days, for it to sink in.
How did you tell hubby?

I went to Walmart over lunch and bought cinnamon rolls, planning to do the whole "bun in the oven" thing. But then he made me mad so I just let it slip like "I can't believe you are being such an ass to your pregnant wife." Then he was like "huh" and I showed him the test ... he was kinda in disbelief as well until we took the digital test.

  Was it planned?
 Yes. I really wanted our kids to have a 3.5 year age difference and they will be within a couple weeks of that if I make it to my due date!

When did you tell your family and friends?
 We waited until my first u/s (10 weeks, 2 days) and told the grandparents, aunts, uncles and close friends all that weekend. We bought a shirt for Cooper that says "Big Brothers Rock" and had him wear it. My parents just smiled and said "uh oh" ... and we had to kinda explain it to my in-laws. My MIL had just had surgery the previous night. We told our work at 13 weeks and put on FB/IG on Thanksgiving.


What were their reactions?
No one was too surprised as they knew that we wanted another, but they were all shocked we kept it a secret for so long!

 Will you find out the sex?
95% sure we won't. We loved being surprised with Cooper. 
 Which sex would you prefer?
 I would really, really love another boy, but my gut feeling is that this one is a girl. While a girl terrifies me, the more I think about it, I really am getting excited about having a little girl, even though I can't tie bows. 

Do you have names picked out?

We have two girl names that we love, and can't really agree on a boy name. The other one we like for C I now hate, so it's a big debate. 

 How are you feeling?
Really, really good. I was nauseous a few weeks and get headaches. Exhaustion has been the worst symptom but it's starting to let up. 

 Due date?
June 2. And likely not a day over.  

Anything else? I'm sure my weekly updates will clear up a lot of questions, too!



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  1. This is so exciting! I think a 3.5 year age gap is perfect. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend anything under a 2.5 year age gap for people planning to have more than one. This "two under two" business is SO HARD! I LOVE how you told your hubby. Sound likeKev & me! HA! Congratulations!


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