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Whew. Life has just been absolutely insane for the past month or so. In fact, this post has been sitting in my drafts for more than 2 weeks. Unbelievably, I've been off work since last Monday and life has just been absolutely insane with the time off. So now a little update, as promised, on where life is. 

  • When I started my job in July 2011, the goal was to raise money and get a new building built. The second week of December, I moved into the new building. So surreal. And still raising money :) I'm loving my new office and can't wait to have it "done."
  • Once I think I'm starting to get caught up, I get slammed again. Case in point - I still haven't written Cooper's 3 year update. His birthday was 11.23. Ouch. So I don't feel like a super horrible mom I'll probably post date it but still.
  • I had grand plans of doing some catch up a few weeks ago, but my dad had a tonsillectomy, among other procedures with the ENT, on Wednesday of last week. He was supposed to be home around 3 p.m. and ended up in the hospital until Friday. Essentially the stitches struck a vessel and had to be redone twice. No good. So my Wednesday and Thursday were spent in text message convos with the family, and evenings at the hospital, as I'm the only kid close by.
  • I definitely scaled back on my holiday baking this year, and it's OK. I did a couple batches of oreo balls and some covered pretzels. My nieces came one day last week and we did a big batch of sugar cookies, which we plan to make an annual tradition. 
  • Remember how I talked about being a mom failure? Well of the 10 days I have off work for Christmas break, my babysitter is closed 7 of them. Which I boil down to, essentially, a three day break. Thankfully I've been able to have a good time spent with Coop as well as get some work accomplished around the house. In fact, I'm about to pick back up on that soon! I've got a big brother room to prepare.

  • I'm also extremely behind with my pregnancy updates and will probably just combine the last three weeks into one post. I had a check-up yesterday and told them I basically feel like I'm just cruising along, as I'm now 18 weeks ... which is basically how it usually goes at this point. Hard to believe I'm almost halfway there. 
  • Happy New Year!

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