Baby R2: Five weeks

Written 10.1.14

Still processing all of this. We are pregnant!

Last pregnancy I did long, wordy updates but am going to use the "form" I've seen other blogging mamas do this time around.

How far along: Five weeks. Still sooooo early.

How big is the baby: Size of a sesame seed but growing at a fast pace! The embryo is made up of three layers and resembles a tadpole.

Weight gain/loss: I'm using today as my beginning weight. I have stopped tracking in MFP so I really have no idea what/how much I'm consuming every day but didn't want to obsess over it.

Sleep: Already waking up to pee in the middle of the night! I've also been battling a nasty cold/sinus infection/earache (more on that below) so that's really disrupted sleep too.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really right now. Just enjoying because I know it will hit in a few weeks.

Gender: We'll find out when he/she is born. I think we would both be thrilled either way, but I'm leaning toward/preferring boy while hubs is the opposite.

Movement: Nada

Worries: Whether my sickness is impacting. I didn't think there was a chance of getting preggo this month but clearly {and thankfully!} God had a different plan. So R2 has had some Nyquil and codeine cough syrup. My ears began to really hurt earlier this week so this morning I went to the doctor and they are getting infected so I'm on an antibiotic that's supposed to be safe, but I'm still not 100% comfortable with it.

The belly: Feeling bloated. Hubs said he thought it looked a little poochy when taking my pic. Meanie. I hear that happens with second pregnancies, we shall see!

What I'm Loving: Being pregnant. My June baby. Not having to work summer hours next year.

Symptoms: Surprisingly few. None of the real breast tenderness I had last time. Mostly headaches, fatigue and the bloated feeling.

Milestones: N/A

What's different this time: Knowing at 5 weeks! LOL. I was just over 7 weeks when I found out with Coop so it's a strange feeling this time around.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling better. And the first ultrasound, which we will schedule next week.

Best moment of the week: Finding out and having those wonderful positive pregnancy tests.

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