Big snow

For about a week, weather forecasters have been talking about this "big snow" supposed to come through this week.
Originally the system was to strike on Wednesday night ... which became Thursday. We were told to expect six to eight inches of snow. 
Guess what we woke up to? Nothing.
I had to laugh. All last night, the local TV station teased that its morning show would have all sorts of storm coverage. And then there was nothing. Working at a newspaper, we're obviously in a bit of competition with the TV station, so I found this totally hilarious. Can you imagine what the anchors thought when they woke up and saw no snow? I imagine it was something like "Oh shit, now what are we going to talk about for two hours?"
In all fairness, the snow is now falling ... way later than expected. I only have a little over an hour of work left for the day, then I'm going home and curling up in my flannels!

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