Menu Plan Monday: Jan. 10-16

I'd planned to quasi-participate in the Eat From The Pantry Challenge this month. J and I ended up spending close to $60 at the grocery store over the weekend though! However, that included 10 Healthy Choice meals (had to use the $5/5 coupon), which will do me for lunch for about three weeks, and we didn't go to Aldi at all last week, so I was out of milk, eggs, and some other items. Plus, shopping with J is always more expensive, because he's like a kid in a candy store!
However, we have a pretty full deep-freeze (thanks for all the beef, mom and dad!) so we're blessed that the only meat we typically buy is pork (which I buy at rock-bottom prices from Food Giant, a local store) and chicken breasts, which I also search for sales on. So all the shopping this week was very much stock up.
We're beginning to work out/watch our waistlines again ... so I'm trying to "healthify" some of our favorites. I also scored salad mix for 50 cents a bag, so we'll have lots of that to fill us up before the main course. Here goes:
Sunday: Leftover turkey noodle soup and PB sandwiches
Monday: BBQ pork steaks and parsley potatoes (leftover from last week) and a veggie.
Tuesday: Fish sandwiches with macaroni cooked in tomato juice
Wednesday: Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
Thursday: The bridesmaids are going to see my friend Jessica try on wedding gowns! So I'll have lunch in Cape, and J will have leftovers.
Friday: Chili
Saturday: Homemade pizza - 1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 Canadian Bacon :)

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  1. Sounds like a good week you have planned. Good luck with the eat from the pantry challenge!


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