Shredding off the weight

The past two nights, J and I have spent roughly a half hour doing this:

Yes, we've been working out with "TV's toughest trainer" trying to get into shape.
And my oh my, a 20-minute workout sure does a lot.
I'm sore. My legs hurt. My chest hurts. My shoulders hurt.
But it will all be well worth it.
Let me back up a little .. J and I used to go to the gym semi-regularly. We were the people who would be really into it, then slack off. Then our gym closed and we didn't feel like joining the other one in town. So between that, moving and the holidays, we've done nothing for the past three to four months.
Well, that all changed over the weekend. I was getting soft and could tell. Yes, I may have lost approximately 10 pounds in the past year, but I still want to lose another 10 - but more importantly, get rid of some of the jiggle. That's where Jillian comes in.
I really love the way she sets up her workouts. J and I are not only doing this, we're trying to eat a bit better, too.
We're going to track our weight with Sunday morning weigh-ins. I'll likely post my progress on the blog.
Once I get in the grind with Jillian, I'd like to do a cardio-focused workout DVD, until we can afford some equipment for the workout room. Suggestions?
Oh, and I also really want to brighten up the workout room and make it a happy place I enjoy spending time. Right now, the walls are just a light tan. The color is fine, I just need to jazz it up, so I'm searching for ideas for that, too!
In the meantime, I'm limping and downing lots of water!

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