I heart Express

Express is, without a doubt, one of my favorite stores.
The clothes are trendy but not just a one-season wonder. They're durable. And not that bad of a price!
Here in Southeast Missouri, there are no Express stores. So I didn't discover this little bit of heaven until my freshman year of college — when I also bought my first pair of Express jeans.
It only took me a couple of years to outgrow them. Sigh. But they remain in my closet.
When J visited me in CoMo, I introduced him to Express — which he, too, now loves. One time, the store was running an awesome sale, like buy two get one free, so he bought me another pair.
Lo and behold, my waistline got a bit too big for these. However, every now and then when I slim down, I can get into them again.
And this morning, I did just that :)
So I'm at work, feeling fabulous about my awesome self, wearing my Express jeans.
Yes, that's all it takes to make me happy.
Now if I can just slim down enough to wear the other pair ...

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