My super-awesome shopping trip

I was so excited with all the deals I got while shopping over the weekend, I just had to share. 
I went to a total of five stores, and spent $50.33 for everything pictured below. Yes, I went over the weekly budget by 33 cents, but I don't care. 

A slight breakdown:
Everthin to the left of the table was from Wal Mart. I price matched the cereal and All and used coupons, so I paid 50 cents per box of cereal and $1 per jug of All. The tuna was free w/coupons and the Healthy Choice meals were just 88 cents each.
I have a lot of beans in the middle of the table. There's a closeout store in town that sells dented cans for cheap prices - I got the chili beans for 50 cents a can, about the price of Aldi but name-brand. I spent $4.40 there.
I stopped at Food Giant to get some yogurt, ketchup and Velveeta for just under 8 bucks.
And the right of the table is Walgreens. Five cases of soda, chips and dip, Wet Ones and neosporin lip health. I paid just over $13 out of pocket (using $9 I think in Register Rewards) and I got back $14 in RR. Plus I'm going to submit the food/soda for a $7.50 rebate :)

And here's Aldi (please pay no mind to the clothes "drying" on my table) All pretty much basic items. I did spring for the apples to put in with my pork roast tonight ... it's a new recipe, so hopefully it will be yummy :)

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