Shaping Up: Week One

OK, Sundays are our weigh-in days.
Sunday was also Day Eight of The Shred! The exercises are getting much easier, but some soreness is sticking around ... I rationalize that I'm doing the exercises better, and soreness is good, it means I've worked hard! Plus it's not the really horrible kind of soreness - I can easily walk and sit down, thank goodness!
The results? I lost eight-tenths of a pound last week. Definitely not want I wanted, but at least it's a negative. Plus, I'm still working on the whole cutting back on what I eat, making healthier choices thing. We had leftover birthday cake, so I had a small piece four or so times ... and Saturday night, we were craving ice cream so each of us had a bowl. Then there was the delicious muffin tray sent to work last week and more. I know i could have done better, but it's baby steps, right?
On Wednesday, we'll start Level Two of The Shred. Then it will be back to the horrible soreness again ...
In good news, I found out last week my employers have a new wellness program with a local health facility so we can work out for free! I'm not certain how much I'll utilize it, since J and I are doing The Shred together, but we'll see. I'm considering going to the gym after work for 20 or so minutes of cardio, then coming home and doing The Shred with him. It's a 20 or so minute drive home, so that will give my muscles time to relax, but not tighten up too much :)

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