Happy 2010!

2010. Seriously? It seems like it wasn't that long ago we were all scared about Y2K. Time passes by much too quickly!
J and I had a fantastic New Year's weekend! I was off work Thursday AND Friday, so it was a super-long weekend for me :) I spent the day Thursday cleaning, doing laundry, and grocery shopping/preparing food for our NYE party that night. We love our big "game room" basement so we were thrilled to have people over and have plenty to do, plus a dedicated space to party - and not have to drive! Now I'm just ready to finish up the bathroom so we don't have to go upstairs (or outside :))
After staying up until 4 a.m. or so, J and I got up around 11 Friday (we were surprised, too), had a big breakfast and went downstairs to clean up. The floor was a bit sticky from beer pong, but it only took a little over an hour to get everything cleaned. Then we decided to relax and watched movies all afternoon!
Saturday we did some work around the house :) We weren't really in love with our kitchen ceiling fan, and the two spare bedrooms didn't have them, so we bought a new one for the kitchen. J took it down, assembled the new one, and put the old one up in the office. We'll buy one for the guest bedroom next time Lowe's runs a sale. We still have one to hang in the living room, but that's a lot of work! While J was busy, I helped a little ... and also cleaned out and organized the laundry room plus the guest bedroom closet — both of which were places we just stuffed things while moving in. I also cleaned and mopped the kitchen :)
Sunday was another low-key day ... we relished the last day before we had to return to work. After a quick trip to Wally World for shelves for the laundry room, we went to Jimmy's niece's birthday party. She is 14!!! Oh, to be 14 again .... Then we came home and I clipped coupons while J sat on the couch.
I have a few goals for the new year ... but this is long, so I'll save my resolutions for another post!

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