Happy Birthday, Jimbob!

J turned the big 34 on Saturday! In our house, birthdays are like holidays, so he was treated like a king (in my opinion) all weekend!
Friday night we went to the Malco and saw Armored. We thought it was a good movie, but J didn't like the ending. Personally, I didn't like seeing Lawrence Fishbrune (Langdon from CSI) as the bad guy!

I had to work Saturday morning :( But my super-nice boss worked with me and made sure I got home early. After I left work, I picked up breakfast for J. I didn't eat all mine, so Hank got a leftover biscuit with some gravy. He loved it!

He even licked the plastic clean :)

Then it was time for presents!

With his birthday so soon after Christmas, it's hard to buy for J. But he seemed pleased with the odds and ends I purchased: Kenneth Cole Reaction cologne, pajama pants, a new wallet and a lunchbox (his old one had a broken zipper.)

J decided for dinner he wanted Shoguns - a Japanese steakhouse up in Cape. We had a delicious meal and tried saki for the first time :) The waitress snapped a pic of us before we left:

Since J had a bit to drink, I drove home. I guess he got bored, because he took a dozen or so pictures of the two of us on the ride. Here they are:

Once we got home, we sat in front of the TV to let our food digest until we had room for cake!

I figured out how to use the self-timer on my camera (I've only had it a couple of months) so we took a picture :)

After we stuffed ourselves with cake, we put on our pajamas, curled up under blankets and watched Terminator on TV. All in all, I think J had a great day!
I can't wait for my birthday in just under a month!

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