Rain, rain, go away

It's January, and we're under a tornado warning. How crazy is that?
It's been raining the last two days and I'm sick of it! The street in front of our office floods horribly, but I was lucky to find I left my rainboots in the car yesterday, thank goodness. I may have gotten some funny looks, but I don't care! At least my feet aren't wet and stinky!
Other than the rain, not much going on in my life. I've been working, working out and cleaning.
Wednesday I utilized the gym membership for the first time and did 35 minutes of cardio - 20 on the treadmill and 15 on a bike. We also did level two of The Shred ... so super sore today.
Here lately, I've been super tired.
No, I'm not pregnant :)
I think I'm just feeling a lot of work stress and the workouts are a lot on my body. So I may need to buy some vitamins ...

I'm making chili for supper tonight. That makes me happy.

Tomorrow is Friday ... which would make me happy, except I have to work Saturday morning. Boo.

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