First snow

Last night, southeast Missouri was blanketed with snow.
As for me, I'd much prefer 80 degree temperatures right now.
It's no secret that I hate cold weather. But if there's going to be snow, I think it needs to be one big enough to have fun, like have a snowball fight and build snowmen.
Then there are the dang SEMO drivers. Seriously ... it's like they see a snowflake and freak out. I'm not so scared of my driving, but the other lunatics on the road - which is why I left the house before 7 a.m. to make it into work.
After driving an average of 35 or 40 mph the whole way, I made it in about a half hour - just ten minutes more than my usual driving time. And before all the idiots made their way onto the roads.
This afternoon will be interesting ...

In other news, I was off work yesterday so I took down my Christmas decor :(
Why can't I keep it up year-round?

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