Looking ahead

This year, I put a lot of thought into my resolutions. It's not just the typical losing weight, managing money better and all that (although it's included). The common theme, I think, is just becoming a better me.
So here goes:
- Live a healthier lifestyle all together. This doesn't mean losing 5, 10 or 15 pounds - it's being the best I can be, feeling happy and secure with my body and loving every inch of it, and making a conscious effort to working out, walking more, etc.
- Save and pay down our debt. I had quite a bit of savings from my pre-college days, but wiped out a lot of that when buying the house. And now we have the house, I'm terrified something will go wrong and we won't have the cash to pay for it. So I'm pushing J for us to set up a joint savings account. As for myself, I'm going back to what I began last summer: each paycheck, I'll immediately transfer a set amount of money to my savings. I'll also deposit my mileage checks and any overage (from extra time worked). As I have a high-interest bearing checking account, I wait until I have $500 over my minimum balance, then transfer it to checking, but consider that untouchable. I also want to continue doing all I can to get the most for our grocery budget, pay off our appliances early, help J pay off his truck early, and pay extra on every mortgage payment ... to equal at least one extra payment a year!
- Spend more time with those I love. I've gotten in a rut where I only converse with friends online or via text. I'm pushing myself to leave the house more at night, have people over more, and just not be a hermit crab!
- Not let people get to me. Unfortunately, there are some people I with whom I have mutual friends and family who are just plain nasty and, to me, sent by God to test me. Six months ago, I would have retorted back and let it visibly bother me. Now, I've learned they are just sad people and I actually feel sorry for them! Not only that, I've learned to kill with kindness ... if I do that, all they do is end up looking like an ass. Sure, it still hurts sometimes, especially when people are so callous with absolutely no reason. However, since I've started this new way of thinking, I've found that I feel a lot more peaceful and like a much better person.
- Have a date night at least once a month :)
- Set a wedding date already, plan and execute!
- Keep working on the house and bargain shop 'til I drop to fill it and really make it a home without going into debt!
- Read more. Watch less TV
- Condense my closet. When you have a huge walk-in closet with a five-foot dowel rod tons of shelves and all your clothes still don't fit on your two-thirds of it, you have a problem. In my opinion.
- Try more new things.
- Be a better fiance, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, co-worker ...
- Try new recipes every month
And I'm sure I'll come up with more as time goes by :)

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