Year in review

2009 was a busy year! There were some big and small events in our lives! Since I'm using this blog as a sort of diary that I may consult to (or even print off for my own use someday!) I'm going to do a small review :)
January: J's birthday
The biggest ice storm EVER hit southeast Missouri. We lived on the same circuit as Wal Mart so had power back within a day, but some people went two weeks! During that time, I ran a "flop house" of people staying the night or stopping in for a shower

February: My 24th birthday :)
For Valentine's Day/my birthday, J took me to Memphis, Tenn. and we stayed at the Peabody. LOVED it!

March/April: Nothing sticks out

May: We went on our first real vacation to Florida. (St. Augustine to be exact.) While there, Jimmy proposed!
I became a real aunt when my niece was born May 11!

June: Our house search began

July: Fourth of July camping with J's family

August: Still searching for a house. We need land and have a few other specifications, and nothing that fits that is in our budget.
Labor Day weekend at Current River with friends :)

September: Finally get a contract on a house!

October: Working through all the crap of buying a house. Turns out part of the land (but not the house!) is in a flood plain, so we had to get a different type of financing. Grr!

November: My "nephew" Payton turned 1!
We closed on the house Nov. 20! And started moving the next day :)
We had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

December: I came down with kidney stones. Worst.Pain.Ever.
First Christmas in our New House
One of my besties, Jessica, married Justin before he went back to the army to be shipped out for Afghanistan. It was just a courthouse wedding and they're planning a big wedding for May 2011, so we'll have tons of fun planning that over the next 14 months!

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