Bumpdate - 33 weeks and a trip to the hospital

This is two days late, I know. Sadly, I even typed up some notes on Monday, but I've been a bit preoccupied.

I mentioned in Monday's post that I was experiencing quite a bit of back pain on Sunday. Well, it continued on Monday - in the same spot, on my right ribs. And again Tuesday morning. I'm talking so bad it makes you cry pain.

I wasn't really sure what to do. I mean, back pain is normal in pregnancy, right? I was just being a wimp. But I couldn't shake the feeling that it may be something more - after all, nothing would make it go away and it was in the exact same spot. Plus it was making me nauseous and pretty much taking away my appetite.

So I called the doctors office later Tuesday morning and they carved out an appointment time for me. Hubby absolutely could not come with me. So I'm driving 45 minutes, freaking out. Praying that my baby is OK - telling God I can handle this pain another seven weeks so long as Tuff wasn't affected by it.

Luckily, my mom happened to be in the town where my doctor is, as my dad had a doctors appointment that morning. So, I met them and she came with me. It was very nice to have someone there to keep me from googling like crazy.

Once I got into the room after giving my pee sample, it was apparent that I had some sort of infection or problem with my kidneys, as my urine was pulling a lot of blood. I have a history with kidney stones - but never thought the pain could be related to them! - so the doc ordered an ultrasound on my kidneys. They were very surprised I toughed it out 2.5 days before coming to the doctor.

Luckily, my doctor's clinic is a hop skip and jump from the hospital. And they had an opening immediately! So mom and I headed over for the ultrasound. Of course, the technician wouldn't tell me anything. And when I was leaving, she said it would be around an hour until the results were ready! GRRRRR.

Once we finally got called back to see the doctor, she told me I had at least one kidney stone. With a baby in there, it's kind of hard to see anything. So from there, she had to decide whether she needed to admit me to the hospital or let me try to manage the pain on my own - I've never had an infection due to the stones and just passed them with drinking LOTS of water, so she was fine with letting me go home if I preferred pain pills rather than an IV.

This is the part that was really hard for me. Lots of times this pregnancy I haven't even had a Tylenol or Claritan, and here my doc wants to put me on some high-powered pain meds? It took some convincing that the baby would be OK, as I am 33 weeks, and my mom telling me to do it, before I said OK. I'm now on percocet, as that is how I typically treat the pain of kidney stones.

So right now, I am just drinking lots of water, taking as few pain pills as possible (she said 1-2 every six hours, I've been averaging one every 8 to 12 hours) and hoping it passes. We'll talk more in depth about it at my appointment next week.

Anyhow, here's the usual recap:

During week 32, baby's average weight is 3.75 pounds - about the size of a jicama (whatever the heck that is!) - but Tuff is a bit larger than that, the doctor estimated at my 32 week appointment. Right now, I should gain about a pound a week, and roughly half of that goes straight to the baby.

He or she now has toenails, fingernails and real hair. Skin is becoming soft and smooth and he or she plumps up in preparation for birth.

I'm getting to a miserable stage, I believe. Earlier this week, hubby told me that he already has a totally new respect for me after seeing how much pain I've been in, especially with the stones.

I think I already told some of you - but per the doctor last week, Tuff is "very tall" and probably weighed about 4.5 lbs. Average at that time is more like 3.5 lbs. So I guess I am delivering a toddler?

I'm wondering if babe will have hair. I had a ton of hair - my mom was curling it in sponge rollers when I was about a month old - and hubby had some when born too. But I really haven't had a lot of heartburn - even when eating Mexican, my fave - and that's an indication of hair, so we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm also feeling pretty nauseous, which I guess is maybe my belly just running out of room? I pray that Tuff comes as soon as possible to still be healthy. But we do have little talks where I ask him to stay out of my area and that I want her/him to be comfortable, but not make mommy uncomfortable at the same time!

I think I'm pretty much right on with the 1 lb/week weight gain. Hoping that continues, I don't want to have too much weight to lose in combination with the holidays.

I'm starting to have weird pregnancy dreams. And really wonder what the baby will look like.

There is some talk of possible bed rest with the stones, so I'm really on hubby about finishing the nursery now. I have a big work event to coordinate on Saturday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll finish the painting that day, then start setting up furniture soon. I can't wait to see/reveal the finished product!

My feet/hands were swelling a lot last week, but that seems to have subsided.

I'm drinking even more water - I think I finished off about 100 ounces yesterday! And I'm about to 50 so far today.

I'm loving Mexican food, spaghetti and soups right now!

VERY tired these days - but I know I can blame the pain and meds for a lot of that.

And here I am today. Gotta love bathroom pictures.

I find it funny that even though I'm measuring two weeks ahead, people still say I look tiny. Guess that's something to love about being tall and having a long torso!


  1. I think you look small too! Glad you're feeling better! I have never had a stone, but I see people everyday in the ER with them and it looks miserable!

  2. Girl you do look so tiny!!!! :)
    Glad everything is good with you and the babes! I know that kind of had to freak you out!! Can't wait to see some sneaks of the nursery! :)

  3. I'm so sad to hear this about the pain and the kidney stones! :( But glad it's getting taken care of.

    You are all belly girl! Look at those tiny arms! :) The amount of water you are drinking is awesome! I need to get more. :(

    Such a scare but I'm so glad you and Tuff are ok. And your hubby is super sweet to point out how much he respects you. :) That had to feel good.

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  5. Gah!! I've never had a kidney stone, but I've heard they're awful!! Hope it passes soon and I'm glad everything's okay with your baby!


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