• The best compliment you can give a pregnant woman is to tell her that she's only gained in her belly. About a week ago, I was at Aldi and when I walked around to get my cart, the cashier exclaimed "Oh! You're pregnant!" and asked how far along I was. Let's hope I don't get a puffy face in these next 3-4 weeks.
  • Stores should be nicer about helping pregnant woman with heavy packages. About a month ago, I was at Wally World and didn't take my case of sodas out of the cart (I never do) and the cashier asked if I needed help to my car. I didn't, but gold star for them. So I figured today when I went to pick up some items I'd ordered site to store, I wouldn't have any problem getting someone to take it to my truck. I asked, and the lady was kinda nasty and like "we'll see if someone is available." Once she disappeared to look for my items, the other associate assured me they would find someone. Luckily, a guy I know came walking in and just plain offered. Not only that, he just walked back and found the third item, which, according to the associates, wasn't showing up in the computer. But according to my account, it had been at the store since Wednesday???
  • Is it normal to feel twice as big at night than you do in the morning?
  • I'm going to miss "blaming" this baby for everything. Yesterday, again, I was craving cookies. Luckily I had a big tub of the dough from Sam's and whipped up a couple pans. And ate about one. Then proceeded to tell my husband I baked them for my "boys" (we both think Tuff is a boy). And he rolled his eyes. Maybe I can continue to feed Tuff's cravings through breastmilk?
  • Being pregnant makes you feel better about and have an excuse for going to bed at the top of the seventh inning when your fave baseball team is in the World Series and behind by two runs. Then rallies and ends up winning in 11 innings, and your husband comes to bed at midnight and wakes you up to tell you about the awesomeness you missed. Sigh.
  • There's a girl I know who is due around the same time I am, but has been experiencing lots of contractions. And I was happy (so evil, I know) to learn that she doesn't have any progress yet either.
  • I want to kill my husband about 50 percent of the time. The other 50 percent, I am terrified of the day he has to go back to work (he only has four or five days to use) and leaves me alone with this baby.
  • When you are with child, you can drop hints about anything to your friends/family and your wish will be granted. I don't know how many times I mentioned I was craving a dish to my mom on the phone, only to tell her to swing by after my next doctors appointment and it's there waiting for me :)
  • While in the guy stores with your husband, you find anything to sit on. The other night, it was a display of 50 lb. bags of horse feed.
  • For the first time in your life, you are OK with things being all about you. I've been far more of a mom-zilla than I was a bride-zilla.
  • These are just a few of my experiences. I'm sure there will be more :)


  1. The cravings through breast milk had me laughing out loud! :)

    In the evenings after dinner I look huge in the belly. I guess because of slow digestion? But wouldn't that happen with lunch too? And I feel even worse than I look!

    We both think I'll have a boy too! The cool thing is.. not but about a month after Tuff arrives I'll know for sure! :) If we both have the same gender that would be so neat! But either way it's so nice to talk baby stuff with you!

  2. I voted boy too!! ;) Can't wait to find out what he/she really is. You can so do this, you're going to be a great mom. I think you should still be able to carry the "blaming" over post-baby! ;) I know I'll be doing it. HA!


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